What’s a girl to do with no bees to care for?

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our packages. We ordered 4 from Georgia and they were due to arrive April 29th. Apparently there was a transportation problem and now they won’t be here until May 16. I’m going crazy over here!

I’m teaching a class at the local community ed entitled “Intro to Beekeeping,” so I’m hoping people actually sign up for it! The first “class” is really more of a workshop. It will be 3 hours long. Two of those hours will be in the classroom and the last hour will actually be at my house, watching me work a hive. The intent was this class was just to provide a really basic overview. So this class might appeal to people who don’t even want to keep bees, but are just interested in learning more.  Then, this fall, we’re going to run a 6 week “Getting Started in Beekeeping” that will offer more specifics for people who are ready to really get going.  Anyway, fingers crossed that people sign-up!

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of our President reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to a group of children, who are then visited by a bee. My favorite part is when he says, in his soothing-Obama-voice, “bees are good.”


2 thoughts on “What’s a girl to do with no bees to care for?

  1. It’s funny you say that because when my mom originally told me about this clip I got all defensive and said, “Everyone always assumes it’s a bee!” and she was like, “no, no, Obama is cool about it.” Well…. ok then… haha!

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