Beekeeping Workshop

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So enrollment for the Introduction to Beekeeping workshop is now open!

Here is a description of the class:

If you re thinking about starting a beehive or are just curious about what s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. Andrea Villarreal is a local beekeeper who has been keeping bees, studying bees, and writing about bees for four years. The class is designed for absolute beginners so no prerequisite knowledge is required. This one-day workshop will involve 2 hours in a classroom setting and an hour outside actually exploring a living beehive. The classroom portion will cover some basic honeybee biology, an overview of a hive and its components, and some introductory lessons about beekeeping. When we move outside, we will identify parts of the hive, stages of honeybee development, as well as review some basic beekeeping practices.

Materials required for class: Please bring or wear white or light colored clothing, long sleeves and long pants and closed-toe shoes. Veils will be provided. Please do not wear cologne or perfume.

The workshop is 3 hours and the cost is $20.  You can register HERE. You’ll have to click on “Adult Enrichment” and then follow the registration directions.


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