Next Generation Beekeeper


Last Saturday we finally picked up our packages!  Just look at all the glorious bees!


We only purchased four packages, so don’t get crazy!  It was cool to bring the boys because there were bees flying EVERYWHERE and I was so proud of how calm the boys stayed. Nolan (almost 2) didn’t have a clue what was going on, but Dylan (almost 6) was totally into it. He reminded us (before we got out of the car), “Remember, no swatting at them” and he carefully tip-toed around the driveway so as not to step on any.  It just melts my heart to know that all my  brainwashing teaching has been put to good use!

In the spring we bought Dylan is his first bee suit and he has been SO excited to use it.  I wasn’t sure how he’d do once he was actually in the midst of bees, but he handled it like a pro! He was so calm and didn’t seem concerned at all. Later he said, “I was a little scared, but I didn’t scream or run.” Ha!  So I would normally post some pictures of our package install, and I am still going to, but these all include the little one.  Give a mom a moment here!

dylan beekeeper collage

Inspecting the queen, “Is the candy bubblegum flavored?”


He even wanted to help with the actually “dumping of the bees”:

A job well done…


Closing it up…

Dylan the Beekeeper Collage 2

Inspecting his work…



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