State of the Apiary

State of the Apiary

It’s the beginning of August and this has been a pretty good summer for beekeeping around here. We’ve been busy in the bee yard and here is an overview of our current hives.

(click to enlarge:)


Package #1

Mega Hive

Split #1

Queen Rearing Hive

Green Lid

Walk-Away Split

What’s next?

Well, we will probably make another split today. We need to get those eggs out of the queen-rearing box. More splits might come in the future if our queen-rearing experiment is successful. It looks like we will have enough honey to extract one more round in the fall.  We also have a back log of boxes and frames to build. Lots of work to do!

We are also reading and reading about the many different overwintering approaches. Our plan was initially to overwinter several nucs, but now we are considering some different options. More on this to come and also an overview of the queen-rearing, once I get some pictures of how it worked out (IF it works out!)


7 thoughts on “State of the Apiary

    • It kind of depends on what else is going on in the bee yard. By August we only split if there is some specific reason as it is a bit too late to worry about increasing bee population. We’ll make a late split (August) if we have enough honey from other hives to supplement them. Or if we are going to winter them as a nuc. Or if we can combine them with another hive. A split left to its own defenses, this time of year, won’t have time to requeen and store up enough honey before winter.

      However, we went to a workshop with a Michigan State University researcher who is experimenting with making nucs in August, requeening with local survivor stock, and then overwintering dozens of nucs. With that plan, you could split into August.

  1. Hi there , last year I built two mating nucs, and what I do is when your main hives produce queen celin ls , I then put one of those capped queen cells and a cup full off bees in with food and keep them in for three days then i let them out by this time they will stay with that nuc rather than flying home and it worked in both M/nucs … 🙂

      • My apiary consists of my small garden which I have 3 full size hives in and my neighbours garden which I put 2 full size and upto 8 Nucs in the summer … our gardens are only 4 meters wide by about 30 meters long so as you can imagine there isnt much space between the hives … 🙂

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